Two of the primary, mandatory, all-important rules of computing that you hear computer whiz-kids talking about are "Back Up, and Save Often."  These two little bits of info can save you many headaches.  The thing about a machine as complex as a computer is not if you can get one that won't cause you problems, but when is it going to have problems?  If you are going to use a computer to do things like word processing, spreadsheets, image editing, or other business applications, the most intelligent thing to do to safeguard you valuable data is make sure you have a backup copy of that document or whatever that you're working on.  You don't drive around without a spare tire, right?  So why would you not have a spare document that you can use if something happens to the original?  If you don't know anything about saving and backing up documents, you are inviting problems for yourself later.  Look at Murphy's Law, and you'll understand about  that crystal-clear hindsight.  That all-important document may not be retrievable when your hard drive crashes and you have that important meeting the next day.  As with all things in computerdom, having someone to help you that knows what they are doing can help you go a long way to being a knowledgeable computer user.

One of the best ways I've found for backing groups of files is a neat little program called Win Ace.  We have a nice little tutorial on that here.

Another good one is WINZIP which is also available in our Downloads


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