Specific situations that we have become inundated with over a period of years are priced accordingly, in no particular order.

If you are an ACS internet customer, we will gladly try to help you be able to surf and use your e-mail address that is provided by Ashland Computer Systems.

If you are using another internet service provider, and will not be switching to ACS in the next 3 months from the time of your call, there will be a charge of $45 an hour for repairs at our office and/or tech-support over the phone.

If you bring your computer into our office for repairs and plan to switch to ACS internet service within the next 3 months from the day the computer is brought in, there will be a $45 an hour charge or a required sign up of a minimum of 3 months, whichever is greater, to cover our time involved in repair work.

If you bring your computer in because of suspected virus infection on the computer, or while in the process of repairs viruses are found on the computer, they will be removed at no extra charge the first time.  However, it will be recommended that you purchase antivirus software to prevent future incidents.  It is standard practice for us to scan computers that come in because of the proliferation of viruses all over the internet.   Any repeated virus removals by us will incur a charge of $10 per incident.  If you buy antivirus software from another source and we install it, there will be a $10 charge.  If you buy antivirus software from us, there will be no extra charge outside the cost of the software, and any labor that was already included.

Constant questions cost:  If a non-internet customer calls for tech support over the phone, ACS reserves the right to charge $5 per question, or an hourly charge deemed appropriate for our time spent.  This will be especially strict if you have purchased products from our competitors and are calling us for support instead of the manufacturer/devoloper/reseller where you originally acquired the product.  ACS internet customers will abide by the same rules with the exception of limited tech support for internet-related issues that take less than 5 minutes.  Be aware that we cannont possibly know every single feature or every single option on every piece of software on the market.  Therefore, the time it takes for us to find information that could be found in a user's manual or a manufacturer's website is valuable, and we will charge accordingly for it.

Purchase of various types of software or hardware from other sources is subject to a $10 flat fee, or $45 an hour charge, depending on the amount of time involved.  ACS Internet customers who purchase hardware or software from ACS will not be subject to a service charge, providing the customer has taken the time to ascertain if their particular computer meets the manufacturer/devoloper's minimum system requirements for installation of said product, thereby not requiring unreasonable amounts of time attempting to install a product that will most likely not meet expectations, if it works at all.

If you are building, upgrading, repairing a computer for yourself, a friend, family member etc. and call ACS for advice, please remember that we are here providing a service as a business, and we make every attempt to charge a fair market price for our services.   Therefore, please note that we do not derive any benefit from your private enterprise, and we are not obligated to answer questions for free in that regard.


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