Every time we have a storm with a fair amount of lightning, we can expect to replace a few modems.  That's because so many people don't use a surge protector, or they use a sub-standard one that doesn't really protect.  I've lost a few pieces of equipment myself, and I finally got tired of it and started using a Panamax Brand surge protector.

Since I've stepped up to this level of protection, I haven't lost any more equipment due to weather.

One very important thing to remember, though.  If you are using a modem on your computer, you must be sure to connect the line from your wall jack into the proper receptacle on the surge protector.  Then connect the outgoing receptacle to the line receptacle on your computer.  If you don't do this, you'll be bypassing the unit's protective capability by not protecting the phone line circuit.

We also trust and heavily use the APC brand.  At $39.99, when you think of having to replace a modem, motherboard, or more expensive equipment it's well worth it.

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