Local Access

ACS strives to provide great service to our local area.  This is why we have two numbers available that "rollover" to allow the next user to log on.   If you are able to make a call to either

357-9235 for Wedowee, Woodland, etc.
or 354-3130 for Ashland, Lineville, Millerville, etc.

as a local call, then you can enjoy the benefits of our service.  However, if you attempt to use a number for dial-up that is not local for you, then you must accept full responsibility for any long-distance service charges incurred.  NEVER use a 256 with one of the provided phone numbers unless you are prepared to accept long-distance charges on your phone bill.  ACS will not be held responsible for a user who attempts to enter a phone number that is not local.  If you are unsure about which number is local for you because of changes in your phone service or certain conditions or restrictions in your area, then it is advisable to contact your phone company and be sure about which number you can use.  Conversely, you can use your phone to dial up one of the numbers and see if you get the "beeping, screeching" fax-modem sound.   That way, you can be sure you have the correct number.


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